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Hamilton Ink Services 

Retainer clients benefit from an all-inclusive ongoing media relations program that includes strategic planning and implementation over a set period of time. This allows for continuity in the marketplace as well as ample time to educate the media about you, and to establish us as your public relations representative. This generally involves:

  • Identification of short & long term objectives for a strategic communications campaign

  • Identification of the target audience & target media outlets online and offline

  • Development of a strong, consistent message & public relations identity

  • Ongoing client counsel about media relations

  • Development & maintenance of press materials

  • Ongoing help in positioning the company in the marketplace

  • Media relations for all company events is covered by one monthly fee (over a agreed-upon term)

Crisis Management

You never expect a crisis, but when you have one, the speed with which you communicate to your stakeholders can mean the difference between a small problem, and a major intractable one. We help you with crisis preparedness, and with tackling communications when the unexpected happens.


Project work has been a specialty at Hamilton Ink since the beginning. Many of our clients have an event they want publicized such as an art show opening, a film festival, or a performing art series. Project services typically begin three months prior to the opening date and end when the event or project is completed. Within this time frame we perform the following:

  • Determine your objectives for the project and suggest options for delivering your message

  • Identify your target audience and target media

  • Develop and assemble media kit materials – press release, photos, and other promotional materials.

  • Implement a comprehensive media relations campaign in print, radio and television - to ensure maximum coverage for your project/event

  • On site presence to help coordinate media appointments – as needed

Desta Epicures Guild, 2015

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